Nepal 2017 - Travel Photography - Pre Wedding Season Expedition…

Beware of oncoming traffic

Misty morning arriving in Kathmandu

Symbolic Prayer flags

Getting ready to fly into the gateway of Mount Everest - Lukle airport is reported as being the most dangerous in the world

Lukle Airport

Thankfully not the accommodation for the night

Simple living

simple pleasures - this little girl was over the moon with her power ball we gifted her!

starting young with incredible strength and determination

mesmerised by the blue eyed mountain dog

Bathroom facilities for the next two weeks


The bridge of terror - well only when donkeys and yaks are crossing

Guarding their teahouse

Symbolic good luck wheels

Looking fresher than at the 85 mile mark

trekking friends

The most amazing toilet stop view

He just wanted my watch! I just wanted to kidnap him!

A day at the office

How much further!?

Aerial view of beautiful Namche! almost half way!

Monastery in Tengboche - no photos allowed inside but an eyeopening and overwhelming experience

So much respect to the Porters and Sherpas - such strength and determination

Everest is there somewhere?

Mountain Yoga Vibes

On the road to Everset

Made it! Phew! 5380 metres high!


Professional climbers set up camp in preparation to reach the summit! Everest Peak - 8,848 metres high

We made it! but the boots didnt :(

welcome home canapes?!

An unsuspecting monkey at the Pashupatinath Temple where people are cremated publicly on the banks of the river Pashupatinath Temple

Colourful Sadhu Monk at the Pashupatinath temple

Colourful Tika powder used by hindus

Durbar Square

Durbar Square

Entrance to the Boudanath Stupa Temple

Kathmandu by night

So…another one to tick off the bucket list before wedding season kicks off! Climbing to Everest Base Camp wasn’t quite the relaxing holiday I had in mind. And I can tell you, it was no holiday! More of a challenge shall we say! In actual fact, the most mentally and physically challenging thing I think I have ever done but the most amazing experience I will hold close to my heart for as long as I live. I trekked 85 miles in total, battling altitude sickness to reach heights up to 5550 metres, I met some wonderful people and experienced a country that is rich with unique cultures. The warmth and charm of the nepalese communities truly made me feel at home and their determination and resilience to rebuild their country after the 2015 earthquake made a powerful impression on me. I have so much respect for the sherpas and porters whose livelihood from a young age is to trek daily through the mountains carrying heavy loads of luggage and other items necessary for mountain living and to the people who run the tea houses that accommodate 1000’s of trekkers each year providing warmth and food to make their dream of reaching base camp a reality. I won’t go on here as I think the photos speak for themselves but thank you Nepal for allowing me to realise one of life’s dreams :) 

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