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Flora and Carlo Styled Bridal Shoot, CaSagredo Hotel, Venice

10th April 2014

From weddings in Italy: It was a dark and stormy February night in northern Italy when I received an email from Jo Lewis of Light and Lace Photography to tell me that within a couple of months she would be in Venice on vacation and that she would love to organize a styled shoot during this time and would I be interested in collaborating. I immediately replied with enthusiasm; this was a chance not to be missed, even more so considering that Jo is an extremely talented and passionate photographer who I have followed for some time and that I’ve been dreaming of such a shoot for ages but never found the right moment for it. I jumped on the idea with gusto and quickly gave bones to the project.

Although Venice is packed with a myriad of fantastic venues, I instantly knew that the Ca’ Sagredo, an 18th century palace and 5 star luxury hotel, was the ultimate place for the shoot, both for its majestic interiors and for the ideal location, on the Canal Grande very close to the Rialto bridge. The colour palette was quickly decided; the grand frescoes by Tiepolo that enrich the hotel, not to mention its opulent furniture, could only be gently accompanied, so we chose ivory, blush, accents of deep green and a hint of gold.

We were blessed with two fabulous gowns from the Zahavit Tshuba’s new collection and perfectly matching René Caovilla’s sandals, which our lovely Venetian student and model Flora Dalle Vacche wore with grace and attitude. She and her actual fiancé Carlo Pitter were the best possible candidates for our shoot, for they instilled their mutual love to it. Everything else, from the hand painted stationery to the glamorous and delicate dessert table to the elegant floral decorations and the glass artworks, topped off by a romantic gondola ride from the hotels very own gondola station were the perfect touches that helped make this timeless Venetian dream of Jo and I come to life.

Message in a Bottle - Bridal Inspiration

30th February 2014

This bridal inspiration shoot featured wedding couture by Sparklewren, intricate layered lace embellishment to the bust and shoulders of the dress named ‘PURE’ with white silk tulle and georgette skirt pleated into a charmeuse waistband.

The design was created as an ethereal showpiece and is a little risqué however it can be combined with a silk slip or lining in order to create modest coverage for the contemporary bride. Jenni of Sparklewren is so artistic; her designs are completely unique and can be customised to each individual bride.

This shoot was so much fun, the dress, as its title suggests, is so pure and I wanted to shoot it against a romantic backdrop evoking feelings of yearning for a loved one. I was originally inspired after reading the poem ‘Annabel Lee’ by Edgar Allan Poe who is considered part of the American Romantic Movement. His short stories and poems are so profound and I wanted to explore the idea of being in love and that feeling of ‘nothing else matters’.

A homage to 16th Century war veterans who would send messages in bottles to their loved ones. A maiden waiting for her beloved to return. A fantasy concept but inspirational nonetheless.

China and Roses, Gladstone Pottery Museum

25th November 2013

There is so much prettiness going on in this bridal inspiration shoot with Sarah Willard Couture and Beauty Angels Hair & Make Up. Exploring the heritage of Stoke-on-Trent world famous for its pottery, China & Roses celebrates all that is handmade and vintage. The shoot took place at Gladstone Pottery Museum against the industrial backdrop of rustic brickworks and the giant bottle kilns of the former Gladstone China Works which have been preserved as the last complete Victorian Pottery factory in the country…The rustic setting of the old factory and mould rooms contrasted with 1920’s dresses, pretty roses in jars with a bit of gypsy styling made for a really interesting shoot!

Enjoy this celebration of our heritage and a trip back to bygone times…

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